February 8th, 2013


Children from birth to age 6 are in the greatest natural absorbent learning period of their lifetime! Pediatric Neurologists are now learning what Dr. Maria Montessori discovered through her scientific observations of children about how they learn when she opened her first school in 1907 in Italy. As today's neurologists have discovered, the investment you make in your child's educational experiences from birth through age 6 will give you the greatest return on your investment--even greater than the benefits of their college education!

Dr. Montessori included the importance of building character in children as part of her educational system. The lessons in our classroom include developing this very important aspect for a successful life as a child and into adulthood. We work to build the aspects of character; a calm, self-controlled, self-directed, compassionate, peaceful, curious, joyful, kind, socially adept, problem-solving child who is confident and has a willingness to make mistakes because their view of making mistakes is that it gives them feedback.